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Legal Document Assistants are not employees of lawyers.

Legal Document Assistants assist individuals who believe representing themselves is the only way to gain and keep control over their own legal affairs. To a large extent, legal document assistants provide services to those who otherwise would not have a legal remedy or recourse for their particular situation. Legal document assistants are an integral part of the legal community.

Legal Document Assistants promote the notion: Legal Access for All.

The California Association of Legal Document Assistants (hereafter referred to as CALDA) is a California nonprofit association which encourages and facilitates the services of Legal Document Assistants in California.

CALDA understands that participation in a professional association, which advances ethical standards, is of particular importance to those within the legal community.

CALDA recognizes that the creation of a Code of Ethical Standards is important for the development and expansion of the LDA profession. Accordingly, the Governing Board of CALDA hereby proclaims a Code of Ethical Standards for members of this Association.

The Code of Ethical Standards is to be read, understood and utilized as a guide for ethical behavior by members of CALDA. Members are expected to abide by these standards and applicable California laws and regulations governing the conduct of Legal Document Assistants.

The purpose for having a Code of Ethical Standards is to provide assurance to consumers that there are ethical standards and rules of professional responsibility, which govern the work of CALDA members.

The Code of Ethical Standards recognizes responsibility and accountability to the public, the legal community and fellow colleagues. As such, the general principles contained within the Code of Ethical Standards will be used as a basis when investigating and assigning accountability, should ethical issues or complaints arise.

CALDA recognizes that the development of standards is an ongoing process and that every conceivable situation, which may occur, cannot be expressly covered by any set of standards. The absence of a specific prohibition against a particular kind of conduct does not mean such conduct is either ethical or unethical. While the specific wording of these standards is important, those utilizing or interpreting this Code of Ethical Standards should always take the spirit and intent of the principles into consideration.

Violations of the Code of Ethical Standards should be brought to the attention of the Professional Standards Committee Chairperson, in writing, at CALDA’s administrative address: P. O. Box 2582, Granite Bay, CA 95746, or at such other address as may be necessary because of change in location of the administrative office.  

Read CALDA Code of Ethics:  HERE

Read CALDA Bylaws:  HERE

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