CALDA Nominations and Elections Procedural Guidelines

1. The Nomination & Election Committee Chair is responsible for all activities of the Nomination and Election Committee, but is expected to delegate his/her duties to the committee members and Regional Coordinators, if Regional Coordinators are used in the election. The chair assists the President in the election process prior to and during the Annual Conference

2. Pursuant to Article VII Section 1 of the CALDA Bylaws (revised 2006), the immediate Past President shall chair the Nominations & Elections Committee.  In the event this person is unwilling or unable to perform this duty, the President shall appoint another member whose qualifications include having been Past President of CALDA and be familiar with CALDA procedures, annual election functions, and the duties of CALDA Officers and Directors.  It shall be determined by the chair whether or not Regional Coordinators will be used to compile the nominations slate. This will not preclude, however, the Board from appointing a Regional Coordinator who is deemed by the Board to possess sufficient alternative experience to effectively serve as Coordinator. Consideration for appointment will also depend on whether the individual will be attending the Annual Conference.

3. The committee must know the eligibility requirements for the Officer and Director positions.

4. The President shall not appoint this committee nor be a member of it.

5. Members of the committee are prohibited from accepting nominations for any CALDA position during the year in which they serve on the committee.

6. The committee shall work from a current membership directory and review member preference surveys to determine who is interested in running for a Board position.

7. The committee shall prepare a job description report. The report will describe the duties and responsibilities for each position and will include to the extent possible: time commitments, financial responsibilities, and list any special skills or attributes which may be beneficial for the position.

8. The committee shall determine the number of Board positions open by checking with the CALDA Bylaws, and confirming with the President and/or Board to see how many board members are leaving the board, either through term ending, removal from board, or resignation.

9. The committee shall prepare a nominations form indicating positions open, and a solicitation letter (see forms section).  The letter and form shall be electronically mailed or posted on the CALDA forums to the voting members at least 30 days but not more than 60 days prior to the Annual Conference. 

10. When nominating someone, the voting member is responsible for making sure that the nominee(s) qualifies for the position(s) as set forth in Article IX, of the bylaws

11. The nomination form must be returned to the committee at least 15 days prior to the Annual Conference.

12. Before sending out the acceptance forms, Regional Coordinators or Nomination & Elections Chair shall run the names by the Membership Administrator to check if there has been a lapse in membership and to verify the eligibility of the member for that office. This is intended to prevent embarrassment at a later date. The nomination of an unqualified member must be ruled out of order.

13. a)  If a member is nominated for two positions in the same election, he/she must choose the office he/she prefers and decline the other nomination

  b)  A nominee who is currently serving on the Board as a Board Member cannot run for an Officer position.  If the nominee wishes to accept the nomination for an Officer position, he/she must first resign their Board member position.  The resignation must be given to the CALDA Secretary at the last board meeting before the conference (Thursday) and shall be effective as of the close of that Board Meeting prior to the Annual Conference.

14. In the event no nominations for an Officer or Director position are accepted by the due dates, the committee shall make inquiries of qualifying members as to their willingness to be placed on a slate of candidates.

15. The committee shall electronically mail or post to the CALDA forums or on the CALDA website, a Candidate’s Acceptance form along with a letter to the potential candidates which will include the following information:

Criteria for acceptance of a Board or Officer Position:

1)       Must attend all board meetings. Board meetings are held from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. These Board Meetings are held in January–April–July. The first board meeting is held on the Sunday immediately after the close of the annual conference and is usually from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. There is also a last board meeting held on the Thursday afternoon before the annual conference. Miss more than one (1) and you shall be removed, at the board’s discretion.

2)       Must submit a report, on the date designated by Secretary, or will not be heard at board meeting.

3)       Must have no lapse in membership.

4)       Sharing costs/transportation and double occupancy should be used and encouraged whenever possible.  This will entail communication and coordination in advance to maximize cost savings.

5)       Board members who live within 200 miles from the designated meeting venue will be reimbursed at .30 per mile.  Board members who live further than 200 miles from the venue will be reimbursed up to $200 for actual travel related costs (air, bus, train, rental cars, fuel, etc.)

6)       Board members who live within 60 miles from the meeting venue will not be reimbursed for room accommodations (except President and Vice-President).  If an overnight stay is deemed necessary to attend a board meeting, a maximum of $100 will be reimbursed for room accommodations (including all taxes/surcharges and other charges).

7)       A maximum of $30 per day (24 hr. period) will be reimbursed for meals while traveling or during the time required to attend board meetings.  Individual meal breakdown is $7 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $13 for dinner.

8)       An expense form should be completed and submitted to the Treasurer within 5 days from the end of the meeting and reimbursement checks will be mailed within 20 days of the last day of the meeting.  (Expense Form to be determined)

16. The committee shall immediately prepare the Slate of Candidates

17. The committee shall Post the Slate of Candidates and candidates’ campaign statements on the CALDA website or CALDA forums no later than 10 days prior to the annual conference with an announcement to the general members via email that this slate has been posted and where it has been posted. 

18.  The Nomination & Election Committee shall prepare its report for the annual election.

19. The committee shall e-mail the report and the Slate of Candidates to the Annual Conference Chair 5 days prior to the annual conference.  This is to be copied and inserted in the registration packet of each voting member attending the Annual Conference.

20. The committee shall prepare numbered proxy forms to bring to the Annual Conference. Proxies mailed shall be one (1) color and Proxies brought to the conference shall be a second (2nd) color in order to distinguish the difference. (ALL PROXIES SHALL BE NUMBERED WITH A DIFFERENT NUMBERING SYSTEM FOR EACH COLOR.