Lucy Liu Discusses How We Family Campaign and Why She Chose Surrogacy

Women and their families across the country are getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 8, including actress Lucy Liu who will celebrate for the first time with her eight-month-old son Rockwell. Liu spoke out about her reasons behind choosing gestational surrogacy as a means to motherhood on Wednesday as well as her partnering with Tylenol for the #HowWeFamily campaign.

“I think ‘How We Family’ is about how we as a modern family are connecting now. Whether it’s your gay parents and you’re doing it that way, or you have a child that’s transgender, it’s more about how you love,” said Liu, according to People.

The 47-year-old ‘Elementary’ star is proud of her choice on how to start a family, saying it was the right decision for her even if it was not a traditional route. She welcomed Rockwell Lloyd Liu into the world in August 2015. The actress told AJ Calloway of Extra that since Rockwell’s arrival she’s had to make changes to her life, which used to include moving around for work and always having luggage “packed to go,” but she likes the responsibility and permanence that has come with being a parent. Mother’s Day also marks the season finale of her CBS show ‘Elementary.’

Liu explained her reasons for using a surrogate by saying, “I decided to do it a little bit later on. I was focused on my career. You can meet different people through agencies or your doctor or somebody you know, you go through all these legal papers, but mostly, the end result is you have a beautiful healthy baby, one hopes.”

Liu reports that her son is growing quickly and that being a mother is “kind of wonderful.”

Choosing to become a parent is a life-changing decision that might lead to legal papers, as Liu said. Amending one’s will, setting up a legal trust, and establishing documentation of who should raise children if parents are no longer able to are just some of the services a legal document assistant could help you with if you’re looking to start a family. LDAs are also able to assist with adoption and child support agreements. For more information, please visit today.

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