Los Angeles Convention Center Hosts 3-day Health Clinic

Around 6,000 people sought free medical treatment at the Pathway to Health mega clinic in Los Angeles on Wednesday and Thursday. The event which began Wednesday has attracted both people with and without insurance. According to The Los Angeles Daily News, even people with Medi-Cal traveled to the free clinic to get services they otherwise would have had to do without.

Spokesperson for the clinic Costin Jordache said, “Services are 100 percent free of charge to 100 percent of anyone who comes … we’ll see anyone.” Everything is offered no questions asked and identification is not required.

Among services offered by Pathway to Health include medical, dental, eye care, and surgery, according to their website. Pathway to Health also provides preventative medicine and support services, like radiology, at no cost. These services could cover gaps not provided for by Medi-Cal and other insurers as well as function as the only option for Californians not covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Even those with health insurance might not have access to the specialty care they need or find other barriers to the services they want. Jordache said, “People will come here because they can’t afford the deductibles.”

Tooth extractions, root canals, distribution of eyeglasses, and even tattoo removals took place during the first two days of the event However, the majority of people were seeking vision and dental care, said Jordache.

More than 4,000 volunteers also addressed lump and bump removals and mental health concerns. While medical volunteers performed minor surgeries at the Convention Center, more involved procedures took place at White Memorial Medical Center and Glendale Adventist Medical Center,

Adventist Services & Industries sponsored the event while more than 100 organizations helped make it possible by donating supplies or offering large discounts, according to KTLA. This is the first time Pathway to Health has offered an event of this type in LA.

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