David Hasselhoff requests lower spousal support

In April 2016, actor and musician David Hasselhoff reportedly filed legal documents to petition for an end to spousal support, according to The Daily Mail. Hasselhoff is now claiming he is broke and unable to continue supporting ex-wife Pamela Bach.

The 63-year-old actor says he only has $4,000 to his name, according to The Washington Post. However, he also says that his monthly income is $112,000. Hasselhoff allegedly spends $66,000 on expenses each month and asked a judge to lower his $21,000 monthly payments to Bach. If the figures are correct, Hasselhoff should have around $300,000 remaining annually after paying expenses and spousal support.

The former star of Knight Rider also possesses significant assets. Bach argues that her ex-husband is worth upwards of $120 million. Court documents show he owns $1.79 million in real estate properties, vehicles, and has retirement savings, according to Fox News. Hasselhoff claimed he has had to dip into his retirement money to pay his ex.

The Baywatch actor says he is constantly searching for work but in April accused Bach of doing nothing to support herself. His ex is a well-known actress in Germany and would have no difficulty getting work if she wanted, says Hasselhoff. In 2011, she appeared in the UK Celebrity Big Brother 8.

Hasselhoff wed Bach in 1989. They had two children together, Taylor Ann and Hayley Amber. The latter is an actress as well. When the marriage ended in 2006, the daughters lived with Hasselhoff. They are both in their 20s now. Hasselhoff is currently in a relationship with Hayley Roberts. They have been dating since 2011.

Hasselhoff was touring as a musician in Europe and has a new reality show coming soon, Hoff the Record. He is also involved in the upcoming Baywatch movie starring Dwayne Johnson as the character once played by Hasselhoff. The movie is set for a summer 2017 release.

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