Welcome to your CLE QUIZ NO. 1

1) What is an example of credit?
2) Overdraft protection is a(n) __________.
3) If an unauthorized withdrawal was made from a checking account, the customer will
4) The difference between using a check and a check card is that __________.
5) Sabine lost his credit card. The thief charged $3,000 on the stolen card. Sabine will __________.
6) Sabine also lost his debit card. The thief used the debit card to pay for $3,000 worth of electronic equipment. Sabine will __________.
7) Finance charges include __________.
8) If a person has an erroneous charge to her credit card, to protect her rights under the law,she should __________.
9) Student loans __________.
10) What debts are NOT wiped out through bankruptcy?

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